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Deep Cover

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It is one thing to recognize that you have been betrayed by your father, your brother, your husband, your culture, and your country. It takes a deeper level of insight to see that you have also betrayed yourself.


“This is more than just another survivor story. It is the pilgrimage of a woman who dared to go deeper, to penetrate beneath the surface, and to uncover the roots of fear, abuse, and lies. Nadia has the courage not only to identify the narcissists in her life, but to find the wisdom to forgive and move beyond self-defeating behaviors. With heartfelt passion, she challenges readers to discover the deepest truths, even when it means facing all the lies you have been telling yourself." 

–Candy Paull, author, Finding Serenity in Seasons of Stress

Dean’s first book, A Demand of Blood: The Cherokee War of 1776 brought to life the compelling story of the southern frontier on the brink of war. "Here is historical writing at its finest — an examination of the past which both connects us to that past and teaches us lessons on our present.” (Smoky Mountain News) Now Dean applies that same rigorous examination of history—this time to her own past.

“I awakened to realities I’d too long neglected to acknowledge. I came to realize that the highly risky behaviors I’d engaged in much of my life, especially entanglements with dangerous men, might one day destroy me if I didn’t change. I repeated that destructive cycle until I came to understand that the only remedy for my disordered personality was a wholesale reformation of my soul.”
–from Deep Cover

 “I wrote this to offer hope to women who’ve been traumatized and who wonder if they could ever live a happy life. I’m living proof that it’s possible.” 
–Nadia Dean

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