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In this enthralling docudrama of the American Revolution, Scotsman Alexander Cameron (David Reed, All For Liberty) becomes a hunted man. His once-friendly neighbor Col. Andrew Williamson (Michael Easler, All For Liberty) becomes hell-bent on capturing or killing Cameron.

After being accused of conspiring to incite Cherokee warriors to attack frontier settlers, loyalist Cameron, with wife and children, flees his beloved Lochaber, his 2,000-acre King’s grant in South Carolina. Hundreds of Williamson’s men relentlessly pursue Cameron, as he retreats to the safety of the Creek Indian nation—but only for a short while.

“A clear and vividly evocative account of a complex and little-understood portion of American history. To bring the past so engrossingly to life without succumbing to narrative clichés or clumsy anachronism is a remarkable feat. Kudos to Nadia Dean, as accomplished in her artistry as in her scholarship. (Bernie Dunlap, Humanities Scholar/Wofford College President Emeritus)

“Nadia Dean brings forth the story of a loyalist caught in the maelstrom of the Revolutionary War.  Alexander Cameron--married to a Cherokee—soon finds himself in conflict with southern colonists who are in rebellion against the king. The Cherokees are likewise forced into divided loyalties between the British and colonial rebels. Nadia has at last given a voice to Cameron and the Cherokee warrior Dragging Canoe.” (Ila Hatter, Appalachian author)

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