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Dann Jacobus

"Wow! Really, really riveting. It brought me back to the book by painting a visual image and putting faces on the characters. And what great characters – the actors were fabulous and portrayed their historic counterparts superbly. The music set the mood and lent to the drama of the story. Historical cameos and clothing/props – spot on."

 – Dann Jacobus, contributing artist to A Demand of Blood and Cherokee Diplomacy in South Carolina

"American history is rarely shown from the perspective of Native America. Nadia Dean's work should become a standard for students and historians."

– Lynne Harlan, Eastern Band Cherokee Indians

Dann Jacobus


Mark Sage

Lyle Wolfe.jpg

"Nadia’s film is entertaining and educational, connecting me emotionally to the time period. Cameron was born out of Nadia’s deep love of American history, the Cherokee people and her meticulous, exacting research."

– Mark Sage, Frontier Historian, staff writer for Muzzleloader magazine

"A clear and vividly evocative account of a complex and little understood portion of American history. Kudos to Nadia Dean, as accomplished in her artistry as in her scholarship."  

– Bernie Dunlap, Humanities Scholar

"Cameron is an excellent interpretive portrayal of the historical drama that Nadia captured so well in her book A Demand of Blood. Her choice of actors and locations and her music and script make this drama a masterpiece among interpretations of this important era of our nation's history and heritage."

– Luther Lyle, Director/Curator, Museum of the Cherokee in South Carolina

Luther Lyle (left) with Cherokee storyteller Jerry Wolfe

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