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Valley River Press

At Valley River Press, we believe that preserving our past is a path to understanding who we are today. Our editorial and production staff combines years of professional experience in writing, editing, graphics, layout and design, illustration, and cartography. We endeavor to bring the reader a unique literary experience with high standards of excellence.

Publisher - Nadia Dean
Nadia Dean established Valley River Press in 2011 and in 2012 published 
A Demand of Blood, followed this year by Murder In The Mountains.


Nadia Dean speaking at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC

Our Support Staff

Betty Burnett

Sonnet Fitzgerald

Mary Neighbour


Editorial Consultants:

Evelyn Duffy
Susan Sloate

Book Design:

Kim Wilson

Mary Neighbour

Cover Design:

Rob Johnson
Andrew Neighbour


Dann Jacobus
Bryan Koontz

Lamar Marshall


Research Assistants:

Susan Winstead

Robert Ryals

Academic consultants:
Benjamin Dunlap (Wofford College)

Colin Calloway (Dartmouth College)

Jim Piecuch (Kennesaw State University)

Tim Grady (University of South Carolina)

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