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Deep Cover follows the life of a courageous woman on her journey to heal from trauma. Nadia's experiences of shame, fear, and self-destruction, and her determination to transform her life, will inspire women to believe they have the power to triumph over the traumas of their past.” 

– Patricia Grant-Edgemon, LCSW, CSAC, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


"Nadia Dean's memoir is a must-read for women with a deep desire for self-knowledge and the determination to overcome what life has dealt them. Her story is one of bravery, courage and curiosity. I loved it!"

– Sheila Kay Adams, author of Come Go Home With Me and My Old True Love


“A hero’s journey is filled with adversities and challenges, but the hero keeps rising again and again through whatever life throws at them. Nadia’s hero journey will warm your heart with tears and joy. Nadia’s unprecedented courage and resilience will inspire many to overcome heartbreak and tragedy.”

– Nadja El Fertasi, co-author, 20 Beautiful Women, v 6, The Journey of Belonging 

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